How to light a fire
How to light a fire fire stories

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Instructions on How to light a fire and what to do once's it's lit. Advise from a 7 year old boy.

How to light a fire

by A. Surve (age 7)

Go to your fireplace. Get some wood.

Put it in the fire place.

Then get a match. Let your parent light the match.

Whoever is holding the match, light a small stick. Then put the stick under the wood.

Then wait until the fire gets kinda big.

Then blow on it with bellows.

Then if the fire gets tiny, your parent should add more wood.

Tips: 1. Do not touch! 2. Make sure a parent does the fire.

3. Do not throw cardboard in the fire. 4. You can do anything by the fire but do not get too close to the fire!

5. Snuggle by the fire. 6. Have tea by the fire.

7. Eat popcorn by the fire. 8. Work on a puzzle by the fire 9. Play UNO by the fire.

10. Enjoy your warm fire!

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