Friendslips, Friendships

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A good friend knows when you need to hear from them, it's amazing how they always call.

Friendslips, Friendships

by H. Lobecker

Julia lets her mind rest on the drive home

and memories come to keep her company.

She remembers meeting Sylvie

and how they became friends.

Julia needed a roommate so Sylvie moved in.

They quickly became friends, cooking dinner together and having house parties in their little apartment.

Julia got a new job in fashion in New York.

Sylvie decided to go with her. It was good to move to the City with a friend.

Sylvie got a job as a set designer.

That suited her crafty personality just fine.

Julia and Sylvie loved the City. They had did everything!

On warm summer evenings in Central Park, Julia's manicured hands spread out the blanket and Sylvie's paint splattered ones held cupcakes as they listened to the MET for free.

Juila remembered walking over the Brooklyn Bridge

and how Sylvie made them sing Sound of Music. "Raindrops on roses," sang an enthusiastic Sylvie, "and whiskers on kittens." She was loud and terribly off-key. Julia loved that she didn't care.

Julia remembered trying dim sum in Chinatown.

Sylvie liked the char siu bao, but was terrible with chopsticks. Oh how they laughed at that!

She remembered how Sylvia smiled at men

and the men smiled back. They never paid for their cosmopolitans on the trendy roof top bars.

Sylvie wanted to meet a man and be married.

And so she was.

Sylvie and her husband moved away

as women often do.

Julia got home and settled in with her afternoon coffee.

She didn't need to look at her phone to know who was calling.

"I was just thinking of you," said Sylvie.

"Me too," said Julia, "me too."

"We just pick up right were we left off," said Sylvie.

"We do," said Juila, "we do."

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@bernardtwindwil thank you!

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This was incredibly tender and sensitive. I loved it. Great story!!!!!!