Emergency Stop! Chapter 2
Emergency Stop!
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Chapter 2 introduces Evan and his joie de vivre. He's the disorder that Abby's life needs!

Emergency Stop! Chapter 2

by H. Lobecker

Some people strive for perfection, but I often find perfection boring. - Mario Testino Quotes Peruvian - Photographer

Evan smiled at Abby as the elevator rose up.

"Thank you," he said, his blue eyes were full of warmth and his lips were oh-so-inviting. His strong build filled out his white oxford shirt and his butt was just right in sharp dark blue jeans.

Evan had a flair for fun

and had a knack for being in just place at just the right time. He was looking forward to his construction meeting, he knew if the project went well other firms in the building would hire him.

Evan's company was really doing well, many new offices

wanted to use sustainable solutions and he was proud to offer bamboo floors that looked great and lasted.

Having spent the last few years building up

his flooring company, he hadn't had too much time for dating. He enjoyed his work immensely, but plywood doesn't kiss you back.

Evan didn't even push a button for his floor.

He decided wherever this lovely woman with the tense shoulders was going, he wanted to go there too.

Evan continued to smile at Abby. He wanted to

release her hair from it's tight ponytail and rub his thumbs on her temples.

Abby was flustered by his open manner and the way Evan

looked at her. Typical New Yorkers tapped on their phones and searched for Pokémon Go stops. She looked down at her hands, but kept sneaking peeks back up.

They were ascending to the 38th floor together when

the elevator ... stopped.

It just stopped. The doors didn't open.

The lights didn't blink.

The elevator wasn't moving. No way, no how.

Abby lifted her grey eyes and looked into Evan's blue ones. A current of energy passed between them. She leaned forward, opened her lips and ...

See what happens next in Chapter 3!

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