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heidilobeckerCommunity member
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Musings on how to create, write and use the cool commaful platform. I used the commaful platform itself as the inspiration for this piece and play with the format. I think it's interesting to think about how a new format changes how you write. This is about how the commaful platform impacts the writting and the creative results. My idea was to use the platform itself to illustrate this concept.

Creating on Commaful

by H. Lobecker

Commaful is ...

a literary device.

Commaful format forces

impactful first sentences!

Or not.

Hook the reader to want to know more ...

and to click


Click forward!

Brevity is best.

You only have 195 characters to work with.

Images add dimension to the story.

Does this image match brevity?

Or this one?

This is brevity for sure.

The format forces flow.

A new structure for creativity pushes the genre.

Finally ...


And of course

Immediately EDIT!

And then ...

Commaful create again.

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