Not An Option

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She wasn't an option until now

Not An Option

by heavenlyc

They say be careful what you wish for because you might get it

Honestly, I never found that to be a bad thing. If anything, that is what I always hoped for

I hoped to find someone to gaze longingly at

To finally experience what it was to have butterflies in my stomach

I wanted everything that had to do with falling in love

And I got it

But there is a catch... Three, actually

One, I am a girl... And so is she

Two, she is married...

Three, she's my boss

I never realized that liking someone could be so difficult

I knew it could be painful

Hours of consoling my best friends after breakups taught me that

But for some reason, I never thought it was something that would ever happen to me

I always made sure to protect myself from such sorrow

Maybe that's why I have never been in a relationship

I was always so closed off that I never even gave myself a chance to feel something for someone

That is, until now

She was never an option, because she was a girl

Until I realized she could be

And I know that she is married, and I know that she is my boss

So she shouldn't be an option

But one look from her and I don't just feel, but I see butterflies in her eyes

And I know, that just like me, I wasn't an option either

But now I am

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