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headnheartfullNoone knows my true identify/personality
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by headnheartfull

I guess that this background should be dark and not a sunrise

Because what I did to you, was not pretty nor beautiful like

This smile

You trusted me. With your story and secrets.

You even told me how you looked after your friends after he threnated to do sucidice and the people around him just laughed.

You change my point of you that day

You liked to talk about deep meaningful things and even though we were young you had great ideas.

I guess you could say now we are here.

To the reason why I am not talking to you. Why I am avoiding you.

I would say that it is not your fault cause it is not but that seems like such a cliche.

I guess you could say that this story is a cliche. Like the over used post of a sunset or a sunrise.

So the reason is because i am scared of getting too close

But when you come from a naive bubble and you go to a messed up school who betrays your trust. It is easy to get scared.

It also doesn't help when you have never had any guy friends and you don't know the difference between a crush and being happy to have friends

But I know I don't like you.I guess I just think that I am important in your world.

But I am not

So why do you blame it on yourself.Saying you talk too much.

I hate the way you blame yourself and i have one last message.

Sorry and I still care about you. But it is better for me if we don't talk.

Já não falamos, nunca deu para explicar.

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