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by headnheartfull

This is a cliche story.

A story about the beauty and the curse.

The curse's story was still this. You will never be free from this path. You get off it and boom. Your life will change. What lies away from this path is a life that will leave you normal.

But who ever wanted a normal life.

You will get hurt and it will be hard to stay on but it is nothing compared to the beauty.

The beauty's story is this. It will hit you and it will hit you hard.

you will be left forever wonderless but you wil bel changed forever.

Cause the true truth hurts.

Just like life you won't know how the story ends.

You can only hope and trust.

I could give a clue as to who will be waiting for you at the end

All I can say is that the beauty will never forget or forsake you.

For the beauty is God and the curse is his command.

Once you learn the beauty you will stick by his curse.

His curse is that you will change into the best and purest verison of yourself.

And the best part is that it is for free. Without you giving anything.

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