The Ten Claws
The Ten Claws scary stories

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A scary story

The Ten Claws

There once were two brothers

In a small town

Who lived with their parents and grandmother

By the hills

An unknown presence was sweeping the village

Leaving sheep and cows

With ten holes

Through their necks

Bleeding them to death

Soon, the farm animals

Were killed off to

A bare minimum

A guard was established

From the men in the village

But the animals kept dying

So the two sons decided to join

One took an axe

And the other took a knife

The brothers waited in the woods

Sheep and cattle grouped between them

One brother started to become drowsy

So he leaned on his axe

He felt a cool wind flick the hairs on his neck

And claws sunk into his throat

The other brother heard his blood curdling scream

And rushed at the beast

It was a moonless night, too dark to see

So he swung blindly by his brothers throat

And an arm fell to the forest floor

He threw his sibling over his shoulder

And carried his brother home

Where he was safe and bandaged

And no one noticed

That the grandmother

Snuck in the back door

Clutching her

Bloody, handless, stump

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