sit and rest

hazelnutangelCommunity member
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take a moment, take a breather; inhale deeply and exhale slowly. sit and rest, look around you. this is your present, this is your "now".

sit and rest

by hazelnutangel

do you ever sit and rest, eyes fixed on fluffy, cotton, white clouds?

do you ask yourself: where is it that they are going to? they stroll across a gentle blue, sometimes sprinting into a full-out run - as if in midst of play.

do you resist the urge to point them out, distinctive shapes that are impossible to ignore?

do you wish you could tangle your fingers through those fine threads, feel how they softly caress and soothe?

while life bustles and sounds echo, perhaps a step back into childhood is the place to be it is time to rest. it is time to close your eyes, bask in the sunlight, and actively breathe

feel oxygen travel from your lungs to your toes, to active fingers and aching muscles.

think about each cell that rejoices, that unloads its burden of unwanted waste

be that cell, remove excessive thoughts, excessive stress, excessive speculation

open those eyes, and begin anew.

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