While it lasted
While it lasted unrequited love stories

hayleyalexa Community member
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Summer flings, unrequited loves, the one that got away

While it lasted

I never saw you coming,

in fact you were the last thing I thought would happen,

in the beginning I warned myself not to get caught up,

but each day we spent together I found you weaving your way into my thoughts,

and as you made your way into my pants,

you occupied even more of my thoughts,

and as you made your way into my heart,

you didn't realise my head started picturing you in my future,

and as we laughed and smiled and travelled and drank and loved,

I kept warning myself to just enjoy it,

because nothing lasts forever,

and then you said things and did things,

that made me think perhaps it was more,

and then my mind took over, my fantasies, the future,

and you became distant, silent, a stranger,

and my heart started hurting and my head uttered 'I told you so's',

so if this is over, I just want to say,

thank you for making me feel special all of those days,

and if this is over, I'll think of us and smile,

even if we haven't seen each other in a while,

and if this is over, I'll remember us and cry,

for now i'm just a girl and you're just a guy.

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