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hayha 14 | #stopthenegativity
Autoplay OFF   •   12 days ago
This is just me warning you guys, that ima be unfollowing everyone and following ppl again. Plz don't take offense!

My Following List

If you guys don't know yet, I follow alot of people

I did that because I wanted to support people, but it was getting difficult to keep up with my fav commafulers due to all the content on my "for you page"

Now please don't take offense anyone, but I'm going to unfollow everyone and follow people again, and if I don't include you, it's nothing personal

I follow people that create relatable poems to me, or poems that can help me improve my own poems

Just wanted to say that, so no one gets offended!

Have a good day!


edit: 6000 down, 30000 more to go

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