Feelings From Four Letters
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Feelings From Four Letters

by hayatarafat

I agreed to go clubbing with my BFF to please her obsession with love, although I'm not one for relationships that I don't believe in the effect of four letters, but boy, was I wrong - I'm lost!

The guy I met yesterday should have some sort of spell over me! Not only did he bring butterflies to my stomach, but also a damn rocket flying like crazy in me from my toe up to my head!

No..no..it was far from that, way TOO far, I couldn't explain it that all I can think of was being trapped in a maze not knowing the beginning from the end....

Waterfalls of different emotions flowed freely in me with cascades of nervousness that he made me touch when being around him.

Things that are so called perfect don't exist and I highly agree with that, but I swear that perfection is a silly way to start and describe that guy...

He's the light to my dark, the cherry to my tree, the yolk to my -- okay that's enough.

But seriously, lightning bolts, electric signals, and a raging fire got embed in me all at once!

That's when I realized that everyone should give love its own road and a chance for it to take over you and let you experience life with its bright and dull sides!

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