Born Under A Bad Sign (Part One)
Born Under A Bad Sign (Part One) stories

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Victoria got taken away from her family to find herself training to be a seductive female assassin. What happens when she's handed a mission where dark secrets get revealed and unexpected things occur?

Born Under A Bad Sign (Part One)

by hayatarafat

-Victoria Collins-

19 years old, slim blonde with perfectly tanned skin, blossom lips and piercing green eyes. Don’t let her enchanting beauty deceive cause these eyes carry more than you'd think!

Made By The Past

She's considered perilous, but can you blame her? She went through a lot which drove her to what she is now --> a cold blooded killer or is it better to say a Femme Fatale?

The Beginning

Let's go back and away from the end of the wooden road where everything started...

Cinema Room

It was going to be a normal night for the little four year old, Vitoria who was getting her beauty sleep while her parents were sitting in their fancy cinema room watching a horror movie until...


..Avery heard a creak coming from the backdoor as she exited the room, she was terrified that she couldn't stand just thinking of someone breaking in, especially if it's their worst enemy!


So, she called out Louis and he eventually responded, then heard her out. 'I'll go check, though I think this is all coming from the movie', he said reassuringly holding her hand in his.


Pre-reaching the door, Avery caught a glimpse when the knob rattled for 5 secs, sending unpleasant sounds, causing it to swivel & her heart to race with fear - she drew all the possibilities in..


One thing she knew for sure is that they wouldn't make it out alive if that filthy gang dug its paws into their property. She'd never collaborate with the thought of them coming near her child.


Louis built the courage in him and reached out to the knob, he felt the cold metal on his fingertips as he gripped his hand around the doorknob, took a deep breath and slowly turned it. “

ALMOST THERE is there, love", he said in relief trying to calm down the emotions swimming crazy inside his wife, but he didn't succeed as a dark figure showed at the door with his back turned...


Avery was about to catch a breath she skipped, but instead the figure distracted her, telling her to stand still frozen and shut that mouth of hers. She'd obey, but she screamed as they pushed..


'You dirty people! How could you?!' she shouted with anger, looking at them shooting her innocent husband. She's going crazy & all defensive, but all that stopped as she recognized the face...


'H..-hiro?!", she looked over with a disgusted look on her face as she stood with tremor. "In the flesh, sweetheart", Hiro replied with a smirk on his face while Avery cried as she saw blood....


Far from the devastation out there, lies Vicky, a kid who knows how to read & write despite her age. She was sleeping peacefully before gunshots woke the angel up, making her shake fearfully,

She was so scared that she thought this is a nightmare where she's trapped in a dark room, but soon she replaced her dark room with stars that guided her and told her to hide in her closet.


She thought she'd be safe with those piles of clothes, but she was wrong. Blaze came in and dragged the girl out, she tried to break free, failing with every try. She had nothing in hand....

Her Biggest Fear

As Blaze took her outside, crying her eyes out and screaming to the top of her lungs was all that's there to do after seeing her parents lying unconscious on the floor under lakes of blood ...


Blaze took the advantage of the kid's crying and placed a cloth dipped in chloroform on her mouth, which easily caused her to drift into heavy sleep in the World Of Darkness.


To be continued...

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@sweedle Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Like I said before : I'll publish it as soon as possible :). Thanks for commenting <3

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This one was really good 💓 awaiting part 2

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I like this one, looking forward to the next part :)