the calamity of birth
the calamity of birth birth stories

haunterofwoods id rather be in nature photography by me
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step into the birth of a great giant

the calamity of birth

A sharp whisper is all she felt as she was thrust into the unwelcomed downfall

A spiral of colour and sound embraced her as the decent encompassed her being

Entangled in her thoughts, she accepts her fate and gives herself to the process

It was only seconds, as to her it was an ageless calamity

Spinning and floating into the unknown

At long last, she touched down upon the unfamiliar and began to collect herself

So, this is where I lie (she thinks)

So, this is what becomes of me (she thinks)

So, this is how a seed creates a tree (she understands)

the calamity of birth ashley wood photography matthew wood 2020

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