I won't let it happen
I won't let it happen feelings stories

haunted Tumblr @DumbDepressedFuck
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I don't have a boyfriend any more and I won't get a girlfriend either

I won't let it happen

I want to feel you

Hold you

In a bed

Naked or with some clothes on

I want to feel your kiss against my lips

Your breath against my skin

I want you to be my first time

I want us to hold each others hands

And be each others guide to the road ahead

But I can already see your face

The hurt

The pain

As I undress

To reveal the scars upon my skin

Each little one showing how much I hate myself

Showing all the times that I turned to stainless steel instead of you

I can see your face when you realize I am a hypocrite

It scares me

So I won't let you hold me

I won't let you be my first time

I won't let you touch me until we feel complete

I will never let those scars touch your eyes

Because I don't think you will forgive me

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