The Thing and what it means to love
The Thing and what it means to love pets stories

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Should people like you or should the "thing" you love reciprocate the feeling?

The Thing and what it means to love

"It wasn't supposed to be normal", was all that came to her head.

She still stared in disbelief at the old hag that raised her cane, drawing curses in the biting winter air. "You can't be with that thing!", she shrieked with spittle accompanying her words.

The young woman met the hag's hateful gaze with sadness before turning around and scuffling away from the crowd of curious onlookers who were bored from waiting for the bus that would save them from the slicing cold.

Mira would have to walk home once again.

When she no longer heard the old hag's hate speech she dared to look back over her shoulder. Fresh snow covered her tracks, robbing the world of all proof that she had been at the bus station.

Nobody would know that it happened again.

Her parents would not need to worry about their daughter being harassed by strangers. Her friends would not have to be ashamed to be seen with somebody like her. Somebody that enjoys the company of this "thing", as most of the world named him.

She did not like the term. Mort was not a "thing".

He was her best friend, always by her side when she needed a shoulder to cry on. And she always offered her shoulder in support as well.

To be honest, Mort did rely on her shoulder quite a lot. Sometimes when she lay in bed at night she massaged her aching muscles with a smile on her face that showed him that she was not bothered at all. She would not have it any other way.

Often people have offered her something "normal". "Get rid of that thing", they say, pointing their fingers at Mort.

"We'll get you something fitting. I mean, can you even bond with that?" That's a sentence that always made Mira giggle.

People can bond with anything. People bond with so many things, cars, toys, plants. At least Mort has a beating heart and when she looks into his eyes she can see that their love is mutual.

Lost in thought she almost walked past her snowed in house until a loud caw brought her back to reality.

She turned her head and looked at the raven perched atop her shoulder.

Mira smiled. "Thanks, Mort."

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