The Princess' Guard
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A gritty story about a paladin that failed to guard the life of somebody precious to him and now lives in a world haunted by his worst fear.


The Princess' Guard

Another forsaken knight stood before me.

His lifeless body toppled, the separated head tumbling to my feet, his eyes still cursing me despite being covered by the gray veil of death.

As I cleaned the blackened blood off my blade, I solemnly met the knight‘s burning stare.

„Why must you hunt us?“

I patiently waited for an answer.

I had asked nicely, yet even after the long hours I spent silently digging his grave, the separated head refused to respond.

As I returned to the obsidian tower from where my princess governed these blood-soaked fields, I felt her gaze upon me.

I swiftly climbed the stairs to the highest room and knocked on the doors of ancient oak.

After a moment, I stepped into my princess‘ presence.

In the middle of the room, her fragile body, caught in a dream, drew luscious lines on the bed‘s silk sheets.

I ripped my gaze away and stepped to her separated head waiting by the tower‘s window.

„My apologies, milady, but today there was another“, I reported briefly before I left and resumed my eternal duty.

And as my helmet reflected the dawn‘s first light, another forsaken knight stood before me.

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