Dear Wind
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Dear Wind, with a saddened heart I thank you. Will you thank me for creating you?

Dear Wind

My black curls squeeze between the brick layers of the gushing air, drawing your image into the emptiness as you flow in long, fleeting shapes, all pointing away from where I need to go.

Hello, dear wind.

Your hands of nothingness that softly caressed my skin just moments ago are now starting to desperately grip the fabric of my clothes, pressing them onto my chest in a lover's last embrace.

I am glad that I am not alone.

My breaths halt as exhaling becomes impossible in the face of your terror that tries to fill me with hope.

I regret that I am not alone.

The only thing leaving me are the tears of joy and desperation that you carry away as soon as they appear at the edges of my shut eyes.

Dear wind, I am sorry that you have to see me like this, but soon I will be free, just like you. Thank you for making me feel alive for the first and only time. If I could fall with you again, I gladly would.

Dear wind. Goodbye.

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