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harrykelly Community member
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People who leave their marks on us.

The Rebel

Certain people in life leave strong impressions on us,

By their sayings we agree with or positions we abhor.

When these people are no longer around,  their marks make themselves known  in various ways.

You are in my thoughts often.

You were quite the square peg.

I think back to the odd ways you did things.

A True Rebel.

But not a rebel just for the sake of it Nor in order to receive the attention society pays to such people

A rebel because you make up your own mind on things.

"Never be afraid to change your mind," you used to say. That stuck with me.

So although you are not here with me, You are never truly gone.

For a while you said I was the one for you.

But You Took Your Own Advice And Changed Your Mind.

And in the now, I am ok with that.

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