Maybe Next Time
Maybe Next Time harry kelly poetry stories

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Gambling on Love

Maybe Next Time

I used to not understand why people got so upset over breakups.

I mean, there are 6 billion people on earth.  There’s bound to be another one that fits the bill.

Then it happens. You like someone. And they chase you.

Get you into something you never planned.

You decide to give it a shot. You take a gamble.

Then , Boom!  they’re gone.

That stuff hurts.

Often, pain comes from emotions we don’t understand. Things which don’t make sense.

Our body deals with it somewhere in the stomach. Gut feelings.

Me, I am a gambler. You have to take shots in life.

Sometimes they work out. Other times, they don’t.

But if you never push in all your chips You don’t have a chance at winning the pot.

Not this time. Maybe next time.

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