Jurassic Park III Redux: A Jurassic Park fan-fiction- Chapter IV (Final)

Jurassic Park III Redux: 
A Jurassic Park fan-fiction- 

Chapter IV (Final)  action stories

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Chapter 4 (Final)- Alan takes advantage of Wu's blurred sight and tackles him with a punch, the gun firing more. Wrestling it away, he aims at the approaching raptor and pulls the trigger only through bad luck to find it empty.

Jurassic Park III Redux: A Jurassic Park fan-fiction- Chapter IV (Final)

Alan takes advantage of Wu's blurred sight and tackles him with a punch, the gun firing more. Wrestling it away, he aims at the approaching raptor and pulls the trigger only through bad luck to find it empty.

Throwing it away, he runs for his life and manages with help to trap the raptor between a cage door where it calls for help to his amazement/terror as in the film. The rest of the pack can soon be heard answering and everyone flees.

Tim regrettably has no spare seconds to even retrieve his backpack or camera as the other raptors quickly find their way in through the compound doors that Wu didn't get a chance to lock again before he would have left.

Wu recovers just in time to be greeted by the creatures and attempts to catch up to the group but is pinned, his screams echoing through the observatory. Alan & company later eventually enter and navigate a thick fog.

As in the movie, they find a dangerous bridge they must cross to reach the boats but Alan deduces from the defecation that they've entered an old Pteranodon aviary. They make their way down in panic as the swarm begins.

Billy's injury slows him down but he barely stays ahead of the Pteranodons nonetheless and leads everyone to hide in the tall vegetation, using the fog as extra cover while letting the flock pass. It appears safe minutes later.

But upon standing, Tim's grabbed by a straggling Pteranodon and nearly killed, Lex screaming. Billy uses all remaining strength to jump and grab its feet right as it takes off, struggling with the creature mid-air to free Tim!

The Pteranodon can't hold their weight and gradually descends, dropping both before crashing. Alan and a crying Lex recover Tim on the ground. He's okay (a few cuts) but the beaten up Billy's out cold, his leg bleeding again.

Alan reluctantly argues that there's little more they can do for him but Lex won't leave him like this after he saved their lives. With the coast clear, they carry Billy to the river and find a filthy but otherwise working boat.

After looting fuel & a few emergency supplies from a nearby station, they sail downriver and enjoy the calm, passing by many peaceful coexisting dino's. By nightfall, they pass more defecation where they're shocked to hear a satellite phone's faint ring. 📱

Searching through the waste, they miraculously find the undigested phone in a dead mercenary's clothes, after which they're approached by a Ceratosaurus but left be due to their smell. Alan then tries repeatedly to make a call.

Managing after several failures to reach Ellie, who immediately questions Alan's whereabouts & safety, he quickly explains that he and Lex found Tim and describes where on the island's beaches rescue must be sent for them.

Before Ellie can inquire further about all the confusing details, the signal cuts out and Alan's group decide their only hope now is Tim's ship. Even if it won't sail, it can still shelter them until help arrives. It's the safest place left.

Along the way, Lex comforts the weak but finally conscious Billy who tells her while groggy from painkillers that she's actually very pretty even when smelling like s***. 💩 Their peace is broken however when the relentless Spino resurfaces!

The crew struggle to hold their own while protecting Billy, Alan going so far as taunting Spino with a flare (as Ian once did for him) to draw it from them. The beast douses itself in their remaining fuel canisters during its attack, setting up Alan's flare to light it ablaze! 🔥

It appears to retreat as the exhausted survivors regroup aboard their sinking ride but moments later breaches the water for one last strike. Its burns reflect a fiery rage in those menacing eyes. With the boat now burning, Alan exclaims "Jump!"

Spino's teeth snap at them but its head gets stuck in the boat's standard installed dino cage from the power of its own bite. Swimming away, everyone watches Spinosaurus (unable to pull free) valiantly struggle a few yards toward them until sinking with the wreckage, the bubbles gradually disappearing.

The group nears shore early next morning where Tim comes across a nest. Hearing the pack once again, they head for the ship with Alan supporting Billy to walk. They almost make it when the raptors surround them! The four drop to the ground in a huddle, readying for the end, but the predators strangely only circle them.

Alan wonders why they don't attack and Tim whispers that he took their eggs as a last-resort for leverage if cornered. He knew they'd inevitably pass through their territory en route to the beach unless they wanted to take the long way around, which is why he led the group through this path for the best chance to find the nest.

It was a risk but the only strategy he had left. Knowing that killing them risks losing the eggs, the raptors aggressively halt their advance in a stare-down with Tim who gently/carefully places the eggs down one by one.

One raptor increases its snarl and Alan realizes that Lex (being female) is appealing to their maternal instinct. Thus, she's the only one they trust to present the eggs. Tim follows Alan's lead and slowly passes Lex each egg. Billy attempts to protest but is immediately scolded back into stillness by the Alpha.

This nail-biting tension culminates to Lex calmly laying the eggs at their feet. 🥚🥚🥚 The pack then takes them and leaves to everyone's unfathomable relief. Before any new threats can show up, they enter Tim's ship (As expected, the hull & controls are too damaged to sail), wash up, change clothes, treat Billy as best they can, and get a much deserved sleep in a locked chamber below deck.

Hours later, Tim watches the sunset with Alan, thanking him for coming even though he shouldn't have. Alan replies that he should thank his sister. Tim then presents Alan with a surprising gift from his quarters below: A new, similar hat. 🤠 Smiling, Grant puts it on and jokes "Well, that's the important thing".

Tim says he occasionally wore it even when the crew laughed. Lex joins them, letting Billy rest. She thanks Alan too, apologizing once more before the three hug, having saved each other for a second time.

A sound then starts over the horizon, the speechless trio witnessing a fleet of ships & military aircraft approach. Dozens of soldiers embark to form a secure perimeter on the shore. Alan's surprised to see them led by the agent, who comments that it's been a long time and he has one SERIOUSLY persuasive wife. Ellie's efforts came through.

Aboard their plane back to America, Lex stays by the exhausted but now stable Billy's bedside. He whispers that he's officially leaving the mercenary business but asks her to give him a call for her next "vacation" and the two kiss. 💋❤️

Everyone notices Pteranodons taking off near them to begin migration, complemented by the setting sun behind them. Tim then pulls a flash drive, Alan questioning how Tim got that after Wu took it from him. Tim answers that Wu took a second blank drive he had.

He hid it well enough that Wu couldn't feel it even with a pat-down, then stealthily picked Alan's pocket to switch out the bagged drive with the data before Wu had him come forward to be patted down next. Alan laughs, impressed. Tim somberly admits however that Wu was right about one thing.

The world will be different now, even if they topple InGen. Whether they're left alone or not, dinosaurs will keep evolving and one day spread. It's only a matter of time (In a sense, this sun is setting on an era of once safe separation between man and dino). Everyone takes in this revelation. Alan nods before looking back out the window.

He notes that it's just as much "a whole new world for them as it will be for us" and, if we learn from our mistakes, maybe we can still have a future in it. Tim grins at Alan's optimism. During the credits, Alan has an emotional reunion at the airport with his ecstatic kids & Ellie. She begrudgingly forgives Lex only after seeing Tim again and embracing him.

The Grants then bid the grateful siblings farewell, waving as they return home alongside a rising sun of hope. Various news networks discuss the now exposed InGen's imminent bankruptcy & genetic research's uncertain future.

We see one last glimpse of Isla Sorna where another roaming T-Rex looks to the sky, letting out its iconic roar. 🦖

The focus then returns to the Pteranodons in the clouds ⛅ above 🎵 as John Williams' ending theme plays... 🎵 THE END

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