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by Harriet Gauger

Maybe I'm a phoenix;

Maybe I've no time for silly things,

And instead rise from the ashes,

With glorious, burning wings.

And a fire down my spine, to set me alight

An ember for a dream, sure to ignite.

Perhaps I am a phoenix;

I've the dark night's sky to set ablaze,

And perhaps I shine the brightest...

Amidst the winter's chilling haze.

And my hair is alive, here a scorching fire,

The bird of prey, a fiery live-wire.

I know I am a phoenix;

I can strike, set a match, light a flame,

I can burn, suffer, die and fall,

I am the verse and the haunting refrain.

And I've one flicker left - a way to return -

For I'll always come back from the place where I burned.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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Beautiful and so true to your them. The words were well chosen to express that rising from ashes and prevailing over death time and time for all eternity. I loved it. Great job!!!!!