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Inspired by the wonderful Carol Ann Duffy, this poem tells the story of what it would be like to be the wife of Nikola Tesla - a genius of a man who shut out all of those around him so that he could focus on his work.

Mrs Tesla

Harriet Gauger

My lover is designing, with timing,

The ebbs and flows, flashes, dashes,

Of a current greater than our beating hearts.

Bright sparks, they fly, igniting his irises,

Reflective of the mind's electric fractals,

Whizzing through his nerves.

His skin and mine, alive with voltage,

Take in the bolts of lightning,

Striking to our very cores.

Synchronised, aligning to the waves that he has harnessed.

Some nights, he arrives home later than he really should.

I see those tiny sparks, still dancing, on the surface...

...of his skin.

And there's too much within his heart for me to fit.

For when he lies beside me,

His body buzzing with those particles of life,

Beside my quiet, empty frame,

I wish those flashes, dashes, ebbs and flows would go,

and find their way into my soul.

An energy for us to share.

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