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So, this was a fun piece I threw together for today's prompt. It's the main character from my novel, Roselyn, talking about how she feels about her "first love."

Love at First Move

by HarmonyQueen86

Never before had I really gotten to know a boy my age.

Living in isolation, my only guilty pleasure was reading about them in novels. I daydreamed all the time about what I might have been like to be around a boy my age.

But a lot of crazy things happened since then.

Now, I'm living with a new family in a new home in a new city. Don't get me wrong, the Kaisers are wonderful and all, but sometimes I miss my mother, the one who raised me.

But, I never fell in love with a boy until then.

Ethan and Ilene have a son, Ismus.

He's tall with hazel nut waves and emerald green eyes.

An athletic build, he certainly isn't too bad on the eyes. Plus, he smells so good. I can't describe it, but whenever I'm near him I can't help but get butterflies.

I'm around him so much, It's natural to feel this way, right

Some might say it's obscure, to fall for one's new "brother." But I'm still a teenage girl. I have wants, desires, and feelings like the others.

I haven't been around boys much in my life.

Ismus is the only boy my age I feel close to. He tells me he'll protect me no matter what, which makes my cheeks bright and my heart quick. I feel like one of those girls out of a romance novel.

He's my first love, I can say that with certainty.

Ismus, however, still doesn't know it. Nobody tells their crush they like them, especially when they're your newest step sibling.

I must sit in silence, waiting.

Maybe someday Ismus might love me back. Until then, I'll watch him from a distance, admiring him, hoping one day I'll be able to tell him how I feel.

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