Here's to Us

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Here's to Us

by HarmonyQueen86


That's what they call us.

Freaks, mutants, abnormals, misfits,

The ones who never truly fit in;

The ones who feel they are a puzzle piece

That doesn't fit with any others.

In the large puzzle that is life;

Isolation is their closest friend, aside from the demons that live in their head;

Tormented by societies standards,

They constantly doubt themselves, and feel all they do is wrong .

The monster that is society

Tears their life and soul apart, leaving a frightened shell of a person who bathes in their own failure.

All because of what the majority say;

They say we are not like them, that those aliens should be shunned;

People keep their corpses in the closet

To avoid having their true intentions revealed;

And the only ones who have the key to unlock the truth,

and expose the darkness that surrounds the core of society

These "abnormals," the true people,

the only ones who will stand up for what they believe in,

Alas they are hidden and covered up,

to feed the needs of those unsatisfied.

May their words flow through me,

as to never forget their cause: to be accepted like the rest.

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a year agoReply
wow thiS was rEally good alyssa. i Never thought that you coulD do this. but Now i see that it is Useful anD that it can mEan alot to Someone.

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
There is a lot on anger in your post. You and people you love were obviously hurt by these clowns who think they are the norm. You wrote a manifesto for geeks and it was beautiful and persuasive. I do not mean to dampen your fervor but I do have some observation. 1. What goes around comes around. I have observed this in action. I live in huge house drive a luxury car, a pool, a ranch in New Mexico and a happy family. 2. Lighten up. Through your perspicacity, you will se yourself surpass them by the time you graduate from college. 3 .Ignore those a**holes live your life and play your game as planned you will exceed what they are too stupid to even dream of. $. Take pride in your dweebism. Don't give those morons the pleasure of upsetting you. WEIRDO POWER!!!!!

a year agoReply
I have spent my entire life skirting the fringes of society i love this peace nice work