Girl Crush, Part 2
Girl Crush, Part 2 lgbtq stories
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Part 2 of Girl Crush! What will happen between Seraphina and Monet? Find out now!

Girl Crush, Part 2

by HarmonyQueen86

Monet closed the door and sat on her bed.

Seraphina took a spot next to her.

"I hate him," Monet sniveled.

"He's a jerk for leading me on."

"He didn't mean it." Seraphina rubbed her back lightly.

"He wanted to give you a chance. He didn't want you to get hurt in the long run. He didn't want you to get crushed in the end."

"What kind of crap is he feeding you?"

"Ismus really isn't a bad guy," Seraphina argues. "He thought he was over his last love, but he realized he wasn't. He didn't mean to hurt you."

"Well, it doesn't matter now." Monet crossed her arms.

"I'm so done with him. With all guys."

Seraphina couldn't help but smile. "All guys?"

Her friend nodded. "Yup. They're all selfish assholes."

"I'm relieved to hear that."

Seraphina looked into Monet's light almond eyes.

"What is it?" Monet relaxed.

Seraphina put her hand on Monet's, squeezing it. "You were so busy chasing Ismus, I was worried you didn't notice me."

"That's crazy!" Monet exclaimed.

"How could anyone not notice you. Your hair practically glows in the dark. Literally everything stops when you enter a room. Everyone's too busy looking to focus. You're gorgeous, Selphie."

"Monet." She squeezed her friend's hand harder.

"That means a lot coming from you."

Monet giggled and grinned.

"Why wouldn't I mean it, silly? You're my friend. My best friend. Of course I think you're the most amazing person in the world."

"No." Seraphina shook her head. "It's not just that."

Monet gave her a perplexed stare. "Then what is it?"

"I always wondered why you liked a guy like Ismus. "

From the day he first arrived, I knew you liked him. For months, you went on about how great and charming and sexy he was. And I've had to sit in the background and endure it-"


"I knew he'd eventually break your heart. And I was praying that he did. Because. . ."

Seraphina's voice trailed off for a moment.

"Because I like you, Monet."

Monet's heart slammed against her chest.

Did she say what Monet think she said? How could Seraphina, a totally gorgeous model of a girl, be enamored with someone like her. She was surprised Seraphina was interested in girls at all.

With her looks, she could easily get any guy she wanted.

So, why her?

"I-I don't understand," Monet stammered.

She couldn't think of the right words to say. "You. . .like me?"

Seraphina blushed, her gaze falling to the floor.

"I know. I'm the last person you probably thought would tell you that."

"W-why." Monet's hands trembled. "Why me?"


"Out of all the people in the world, why me? "

"You're absolutely stunning. You could get any guy or girl you wanted easily. One look at you and they're star struck. I don't understand why you're wasting your time with someone like me."

"Monet." Seraphina looked into her eyes.

"I like you because I think you're amazing. You're so strong, confident, and independent. I love how you work so hard for what you want. I love how you want to make a name for yourself."

A deeper shade of red rushed to her face.

"You're you. You're unique. That's why I like you."

Monet smiled.

"No wonder you always turn the guys who ask you out down. I thought you were waiting for the right one or something."

"Nope." Seraphina smiled back. "I just don't like men."

Her friend laughed. "Me either."

Seraphina's eyes lit up.

"Does this mean you'll say yes if I ask you out?"

Monet couldn’t help but chuckle.

"Of course I will. Everyone deserves a chance, right?"

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