Chapter 2: Family

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Starts off where chapter 1 ends :)

Chapter 2: Family

by HarmonyQueen86


I flinch at the sound of my name, snapping back to reality. I've had enough daydreaming for now. Thoughts can venture to the dark side for awhile.

I pull my feet out of the water,

running through the back door into the house; I hope I don't slip on the kitchen tile.

Mimi is in the living room waiting for me,

sitting at the tarot card table with a customer, a young woman with smeared eyeliner.

Our living room isn't like that of a normal family's.

Instead of a couch we have a counter with shelves of medicine and herbs for sale., sometimes a few charms as well. Mimi reads fortunes for travelers on the side; this is how we make a living.

Mimi's my mother, though I don't call her "mom" or anything.

It's like someone calling their grandmother "nana." That's what she likes to be called: my Mimi.

Her sky blue eyes glance over from across the room.

She's an middle aged woman with fiery auburn to match her passionate soul. Mimi doesn't look a day over thirty, though she refuses to tell me her actual age; I'd die to have locks like that.

Her smile comforts me as she points to the desk.

An older woman with faded blonde hair in a long black coat is waiting. Her emerald eyes tremble as the scan the room.

"Can you help her, dear?" Mimi asks.

"I have a lot of fortunes today." "Of course." I love helping Mimi out. It's fun to run the shop.

I hop over the side, my pearly whites beaming.

"What can I help you with?" Her hand shakes as she pulls a folded piece of paper out of her pocket, placing it on the counter. She keeps her eyes locked on mine as she slides it across.


Or in layman's terms: A healing herb. Mimi always makes sure to grow plenty in the garden, but this season has been bad for us. We were barely able to salvage 20 leaves.

Hundreds of people stop by our store to buy it.

It's cheaper than modern pharmaceuticals and is nine times out of ten more effective in treating illness. Mimi has already had to turn down multiple customers due to its increases price.

She never wants to, she says,

but there's not much else she can do. Mimi is always worried about profits; she can't go easy on every customer that walks in.

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