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by HarmonyQueen86

No, this isn't possible. No way it's true.

I can't believe this. That's what I've always told myself.

But over the years the rumors began to spread.

Even my own family questioned who I was.

The sister who was my best friend suddenly turned me away.

It's like I'm a stranger now.

I don't understand; how they can believe it.

No way I'm the daughter of the two most powerful people.

Daughter of the King of Darkness and the Queen of Light.

Me, a being able to manipulate both darkness and light.

It's unheard of.

I haven't even shown a singe sign of having any powers.

Maybe I'll get lucky and have neither.

The throw away child with none.

Yeah, that could be me.

Corinth said hers appeared around my age,

so if they haven't, they might no exist.

I relax a little. I shouldn't let these rumors get to me.

Roselyn is my mother and Gavreel is my father;

Neither of them have any darkness in their hearts

So I shouldn't either, right?

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