Awakening, Part 2
Awakening, Part 2 sister stories
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harmonyqueen86 Wattpad: @HarmonyQueen86
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This is the second part to my very first piece, Awakening! See how Hannatine tries to interact with her sister, Corinth.

Awakening, Part 2

by HarmonyQueen86

Knock, knock. "Corinth?"

She groans from the other side of the large oak door leading to the library. "What?" She snaps, clearly annoyed with my presence.

"Can I come in?" I ask.

She is silent for a minute. "You have one minute, and only one. You hear me?"

My heart is filled with joy.

I push the oak doors to the library open. I haven’t gotten to talk to her much between my studies. Maybe after all this time we can reconnect; we can be a family once again.

Like the old days, before all those nasty rumors spread.

Corinth is sitting in one of the plush white armchairs in the center of the room. A thick leather book with silver text covers her face. Her gold eyes pierce mine as she peers over the pages.

"Didn't I tell you not to go near me, Hannatine."

My hands tremble as I shut the door. I take a couple steps toward her, doing my best to make sure I don’t get too close. "I-I thought you only did that for father’s sake."

She closes the book, sending dust particles into the air.

Her golden eyes pierce mine. "Number one, he's not YOUR father. And two, he's told me about you, who you really are."

I can feel my heart shattering.

“I-I’m your sister, it’s me, Hannatine,” I stammer.

She sneers and flares her nostrils. “Barely.”

"What about the old days? We used to do everything together." I frown.

"That was before father informed me of your tainted blood."

"It's not!" I argue. I’m tired of her and everyone else I meet saying that. I’m as much of a princess as her. We have the same parents for heaven’s sake!

"Oh really?" She says, standing up.

"Then why are there black streaks in your hair?"

My face turns red with embarrassment. "I-I don't know..."

"Exactly," she says, walking past me. “So, that proves your soul is impure.”

"Hey! Where are you going?" I turn to face her.

Corinth doesn't bother to look at me again. "To study with Maion. I have a lot of lessons to catch up on, being the future Queen and all. Besides, the library's ruined now that you’re here."

"Corinth!" I cry.

Before she takes another step, I grab her wrist. "Please, don't go. You’re all I have. I need you."

Her eyes are daggers, stabbing my chest.

A disgusted, horrified look paints her face. "Don't you touch me, you mutt!" She screeches. She yanks her arm out of my grasp, giving me one last death stare before leaving again.

"Why won't you listen to me!" I stomp my foot on the ground.

Darkness splatters across the floor, staining the white carpet. I now stand in the center of a black abstract sun. My legs are now completely dark. The bottom of my skirt too.

Even my fingers have blobs of darkness on them.

My skin is tingling. A thousand tiny needles pinch my nerves.

Some darkness reaches Corinth.

Her shoes and the back of her legs are painted black; a few specs land in her hair and clothes. She turns toward me slowly. Her eyes are wide with horror and shock.

A moment later they're as sharp as knives once more.

"I knew it!” she shrieks. “Look at what you did!" She gestures to the mess I made. "Father is right! You do have darkness in your heart!" With that, she leaves, slamming the door behind her.

I can hear her scream for our parents down the hall.

I peer down at the floor. It’s as if I spilled black paint everywhere. My hands are still gleaming with darkness.

Little black sparkles escape my fingertips

and evaporate into the air

I wipe them on my skirt

but all that does is leave a dark smudges line on the white fabric. It’s not going away…

Please. . .someone, please help me turn this curse off. . .

Tears swell behind my eyes are I sink to the floor. What's going on? Why is there darkness coming from my hands? Why is this happening? I'm not evil, I swear. I’m an angel, I’m like Corinth.

Tell that to the darkness on your hands.

Worried voices and running feet echo from down the hall. Mother, father, and Maion, are all probably on their way to see me, to see that the kingdom's suspicions are true.

I do have darkness in my heart.

I am the King of Darkness' daughter.

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