The Cage of Time
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Time, for some a fleeting mistress, for others an inescapable cage.
'The Cage of Time'.

The Cage of Time

The rhythmic flow of blood he'd feel, quantifying it with a black watch he had. Measuring the heart rate of people in fright, though the medic felt calm, not fearful, nor sad.

Whether they lived or died today, time would tick on, regardless of any emotional fad. The nihilistic medic was emotionally blunt. Not surprising, as he was none other than The Impaler, Vlad.

Yes, he'd stopped feeding, and fed humanity instead. Gone were the days when he'd paint battlefields red. Immortality is such a burden he thought. Reprieve from loneliness is what he sought..

These creatures, though short-lived, and puerile, gave him comfort, if only for a while. In turn he'd help them in their fight against all famine, plague and blight.

He watched his watch as he counted the beats. After they ceased, he covered them with white sheets. To a vampire, a watch would seem quite futile. An Immortal had no need of a watch, except for style.

But Vlad had realized a truth so right; The passage of time would flow, against all might. The reprieve he sought in mortals, human or elf, he found in time, immortal as a vampire itself...

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