Never Again
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happay_pineappl i write to try and escape reality.......
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I constantly keep saying im done with your bull crap i really?
(a talk between mom and daughter, then daughter and boyfriend)


Never Again

*crying* "I just cant do this anymore. he hurt me....Im never taking him back!" "Babygirl calm down, talk to mommy. What happened?

*in hysterics now* "He cheated on me mom. He cheated on me with that bitch. That bitch who threatened my life. "

"Who love wh-" "FUCKING FANTASIA MOM! "...oh..."

"yea oh" "well i dont wanna say i told you so but-" "MOM SHUT UP.!" "..." "...... i have to going to the mall. bye" "but tin-*door slams"

*at the mall* "We need to talk" "what do you mean" "I know you still seeing fantasia" *shows video of them kissing*

"Babe thats old" you say and i believe you.... i believe the lies. even after i say i wont fall back in your trap i do. and i do every time there is something about you i fell for you so hard

i say never again will i let you hurt me... but i know im lying beacuse i am crying right now,breaking down,as youre out with her having fun.

tell does her kiss taste? Do her heart beat the same as mine? Do she cry and scream at the fucking moon for you to leave me alone as i scream for you to leave her alone?

no she dont...she said for herself...she only want you for sex and money. and you also said never again will you go back to her. but there's more than meets the eye when she's under you feeling your lips on hers and seeing pictures of me and you while you kissing her.

we say never again.....but do we really mean it?

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