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One of my friends asked if i thought my girlfriend was the one. This is the thought process vs what i actually said

A Friend Once asked me

A friend once asked me if i thought you were "the one"

i sat back and thought about it for a while

I thought about my definitiion of "the one" "The One" (n): the person on which you see you and them living a life together ; the significant other who you see yourself getting married to

Now back to the question.... Do i think you are the one

you're my up when im down you are there when i feel everyone against me you are my heart my life my soul my everything my core

Without you, i am nothing There would be no sun to brighten my day There would be no joy to cure my sadness I would be an empty soul A body that's not alive yet still breathing

When my friend asked if I thought you were the one, i couldn't tell her all of my thoughts. For she would not get what i mean by my words

When i responded to the question, i simply said "Yes. Yes she is my one because i love her"

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