A blanket. It wasn't enough
A blanket.

   It wasn't 

                             enough blanket stories

happay_pineappl i write to try and escape reality.......
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I needed more than a blanket to warm my soul

A blanket. It wasn't enough

I noticed that i've been in my mind alot more the thoughts making me unintentionally shake

Maybe im cold After all it is winter

I should go find a duvet.

Hmmm..... Why am i not warming up.... If anything, these thoughts have made me colder

There is this thought that keeps going through my mind

No... I need to ignore it. It cant be that

Suddenly something touches my shoulder.

"This isnt going to help" it whispers in my ear as it helps me put the blanket away

"But...." I tried to protest

"Sweetheart you and me both know this have been going on for quite some time" it replies to cut me off

Its right Ive been ignoring it though All this time

The coldness have alwas been present

And I Need more than a blanket to Be WARMED

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