You Decided To Kill Esper|HAOTW Ending:
You Decided To Kill Esper|HAOTW Ending: ending stories

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Was your decision right?

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You Decided To Kill Esper|HAOTW Ending:

“I’m sorry, but you have to die, Esper.” Egg said. Egg stabbed Esper, and he collapsed on the floor. “I have a bad feeling about that,” Noah said, sounding frightened. “Wasn’t Esper the one who was controlling the shadows?”

“I don’t know about that, but we should be careful.” Detective Bardon said. “Wait a second, do I hear noises.”

As Egg killed Esper, the shadows were going after the staff. They put on a courageous fight but failed miserably. The entire staff were now shadows, and eventually, the rest of the world too. You got the bad ending, and all hope of saving the world has been lost.

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