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Synthetic Meat

Synthetic meat is an idea that was brought about approximately a month ago by Bill Gates in his newly published book, 'How to Avoid a Climate Disaster'.

This type of meat is made through biological engineering. In its most basic form, it includes taking one cell from, for example, a chicken, and multiplying it in labs to make meat without killing innocent animals.

He says that for richer countries that can afford it, it is a good option to become 100% synthetic meat.

Not only will it balance the populations of animals we hunt regularly right now, but it will also lessen carbon/ greenhouse gas emissions.

Poultry farms produce a large amount of our world's air pollution. If meat was made synthetically, then it would lessen the need for farms, therefore decreasing air pollution.

Whatever your opinion is on this subject, we all respect it :)

Whatever your opinion is on this subject, we all respect it :) This is only meant for educational purposes to teach more people about other ways to reduce our carbon footprint!

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