MHA Nicknames that I have
MHA Nicknames that I have  myheroacadamia stories

hanz i wannabe writer..
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like for part 2!

MHA Nicknames that I have

Cuz anyone that actually calls them by their real names is v awkward

is this just me or do u guys not know anyone's names and have ur own nicknames/ descriptions for all of em when ur referring to them

Perverted Grape 🍇 i wanna slap him half the time bro

rocky pom pom he's so wholesome and cuuuute :3 #kiribaku

naked invisible girl XD she is literally me can't do a pull up to save my liiife whenever i think of her i think of that time when she handcuffed the teacher during the exam and he touches her on accident and she goes LE GASP

headphone girlll 🎤 who else thinks that 'hero too' is one of the best songs in mha 🖐️

Pikachu boiii when i first saw him i had flashbacks to my 3rd grade pokemon obsession also headphone girl x Pikachu boi 💕


#top10animenames TETSUTETSU TETSUTETSU *present mic voice*

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