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hanniecakes I did it <3
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Next time you look and see your reflection, look a little more closely and you'll see perfection


I look in the mirror My reflection looks back I’m far from being perfect So what do I lack?

I went to the web Was it diet or habit? The answer wasn’t there Why couldn’t I have it?

Was it diamonds? Was it pearls? Why couldn’t I be Like the other girls?

I found my answer That night in a dream Why was it so low, My self esteem?

“Love your neighbor” We are taught But in this trap We are caught

We seem to miss The second half This part, at first, Made me laugh

“Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF” No wonder everybody Hates themselves

We forget Those two words; Those two words Can change our worlds

You may not be perfect, And that’s okay Looks don’t matter Nor does how much you weigh

So next time you look And you see your reflection, Look a little more closely And you’ll see perfection

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