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hanniecakes I did it <3
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I can't wait to be older... a poem with a happy ending


When I was younger Maybe four or five I was always happy I was always alive

But as the years went on My happiness was fading All these harmful thoughts My mind they’re invading

Every day I thought Of committing suicide I just hurt people I’d be better if I died

I’d stay up at night And cut my worthless self People say just stop But I still hate myself

Every night I used To sit in bed and cry And think to myself “Tonight’s the night I die”

But then I started thinking Of what my future could hold I can do what I want No matter what I’ve been told

I could grow up To find a loving spouse Our life would be amazing Just the two of us in the house

But then maybe one day We could expand our family Have a couple kids To make me more happy

Imagine their first birthday And their birthdays after that Maybe we could get a pet Like a dog or a cat

I want to be the girl Who overcame when people told her That there was no hope… I can’t wait to be older

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