Oh Praise the Sun
Oh Praise the Sun summer-haze stories

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A collection of five tankas loosely related to today's prompt, "summer haze"... hope you enjoy! <3

Oh Praise the Sun

Come out of your trees, Come dancing out of flowers. Look; the sun is here! Wings are slowly unfolding. We are waltzing through the air!

Point and twirl and jump, Dancing on the edge of leaves. Skip and step and swing, Flowers falling from our hair As we dance in forest air.

Hear the fairy song; "Praise! Oh praise! The sun is out! Praise! Oh praise the sun! We shall stretch our wings and fly Dance and waltz all through the sky!

Join us in our praise! Oh join us in our singing! Praise! Oh praise the sun! Step and swing and toe and dip, Twirl and dance and waltz and skip.

Praise! Oh praise the sun! Sun reflecting sparkling wings, Chasing away night. Flora bloom and fauna sing. Praise! Oh praise the sun, our king!"

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