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The first stanza was written by Ian Bowen; I just added on to it with my own words... hope you enjoy! <3


********************************* I just wanted to let you all know that the first stanza of this poem is not mine. Ian Bowen wrote the first stanza. I just decided to add on to it... hope you enjoy! :D *********************************

I want to write a poem about 'nothing' (not an easy thing to do) . I want to describe the emptiness that I've found since I lost you. -Ian Bowen

The way we used to laugh, Stay up all night and talk. I thought we’d last forever, But time was ticking off the clock.

It felt like someone stabbed me, Reached in and grabbed my heart That one fateful, awful day When we were torn apart.

It felt like someone took control And caused me all this harm. Nothing felt quite the same Once I lost you and your charm.

I became so hopeless And so much more depressed. Everyday I feel This horrid nothingness.

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