Love Story Collab (Complete)
Love Story Collab (Complete) stories

hanniecakesPM me if you need someone to talk to <33
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Thank you to everyone who participated in this amazing collab... I'm so happy with how it turned out! <3 :)

Love Story Collab (Complete)

********************************* I just want to say I'm REALLY happy with the way this turned out... thank you to everyone who participated! I love you all!! <333 *********************************

Her heart had frozen, turned to stone. Everyone had left; she was all alone. She had no hope of restoration, So here she sat in isolation. @hanniecakes

Falling snow was spice to the scar, She thought she found the shore; but yet she was so far. Middle of nowhere in the known world, trying to get par, Dead face she carries her emotions in sealed jar.. @vkpoetry

Surrounded by the sea Harsh waves surge around her, raging free With land only a distant memory Her blank unmoving eyes left only heart to scream a fighting plea Out through the chilling air to all the eye could see @kaceymackwriter

Locked heart, with scratches all over, what did she do? to deserve this fall over. Could she ever find rays, on pits, ne'er illuminated, and a song to embrace her, one that ne'er hated. @soothrain

It feels as if I'm chasing her, and I don't want to chase anyone — I'm still chasing my dreams. I just want someone who is willing to run with me, and pick me up when I can't lift my feet, and I would carry her when her body can no longer take the speed — that's all I want. @majoxmajo

Heart turned dark as the darkest coal... Because darkness consumed her eternal soul... Left with hatred when love is all she craved for... He loved her more than anything but now she expects nothing no more... @salvation

She may not have other expectations, Other than her own, She expects to be loved and loved alone , Not to be killed cold blood stone. @debadityadutta

She craved love and found him for her, Intense, passion, loyalty, she never saw, it was too much for her. A fear, scare, she became afraid she might lose him, She made a distance, knowing she is the world for him... @vkpoetry

That may be the case, But deep inside his gaze, You may see the shadow, Of disloyalty..... A speck of rain in the snow, @debadityadutta

My demons were at fault Battling deep inside for my broken heart Trapped, I was blind to see That the two of us were meant to be @goldenratio0618

Our destinies will align once more, drawing power from love we should explore. The time is ripe for passion worth the save. My final hope rests in knowing we’ll both be brave. @genevieve

Let's restore our bond for eternity We are ready to fight once more Our love is worth the strife Though we might only meet again in afterlife @goldenratio0618

For our love was consumed by fire, Now quenched, we scrubbed away the ashes, And found an opal shining in the midst of smoke, Though not as beaming as your smile. @in

Your eyes glisten in the moonlight, Your hair is wavy like the sea, I'm with you, and I'm alright, Safe, overwhelmed with glee. @chhr2103

We are together, We won't let even god bother, God can't get us apart, We are one soul, one heart, @debadityadutta

And as one we’ll only grow Together, reaching our goals We overcame the world just to be together A union meant to last longer than forever @tas_poetryy

Forever a bond Together we'll abscond Leave worlds behind to stay in sync Love binds us to each other, so much more than you think @kaceymackwriter

To contemplate and ponder On the road of love, I wander Stumbling at myself inadequacy Wishing of words of love to be given more accurately @jbo

He yielded the scalpel and created an incision On her chest to reside on the chamber of affection He entered the delicate room, without doing the suture Knowing that he'll only stay there for a short tour. @pistachio

Your face between my hands, The prickly stubble on your chin tickling the soft skin of my palms, Those sky blue eyes fogged up by marijuana on this sweaty summer night; Your pupils look for my bitten lips only when you’re high, As if your true self felt like our love was something that needed to be disguised. @badlands17

Like a phantom, you ensnared me with your mystery I was spellbound, and kept following you around Not knowing that in the process of loving you, I lost myself. And now when the mystery is uncovered and the spell worn out, you're nothing but a phantom who shred my heart. @prettilayko

Sometimes it crushes me. The loneliness. The lack of you. Because my body longs to be touched by yours. Your voice is all I need. All I crave. All I hear. @alexiscox

I wish I were the glass So lovingly caressed by your lips As dusk sets in My heart palpitates hastily I yearn to be with you for an eternity @poet_tani

If we could be bound, Tendrils of our love, Clasping our hands together, Until we are ripped apart. @in

We both died and were torn apart. Oh, so much did we suffer. Was it all in vain? Even heaven starts to cry when feeling our pain. God starts to see that our love was meant. No doubt ... There will be a Happy End. @goldenratio0618

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