#Icebreaker Challenge
#Icebreaker Challenge icebreaker challenge stories

hanniecakes I don't know anymore
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Give it a try... thank you @duskthoughts for the idea! :)))

#Icebreaker Challenge

@duskthoughts thought of a way for us to all get to know each other a little better before 2018 ends. Basically I'm going to ask a question and give you three answer choices. One is correct, while two are false. Post your answers down in the comments and I will let you know tomorrow who answered correctly... happy guessing! <3

Question 1: How many siblings do I have? A) Two brothers and a sister B) Three brothers and no sisters C) Three sisters and no brothers

Question 2: In what grade did I date my first boyfriend? A) 7th grade B) 8th grade C) 9th grade

Question 3: What pets do I have at the moment? A) A cat and a bird B) A dog and a cat C) A cat and a guinea pig

Post your answers down in the comments and I'll let you know who answered correctly tomorrow. Also, if you do one, tag me and I'll try to guess the answers to yours! Love ya all! <333

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