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hanniecakes I don't know anymore
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I'm ashamed of my hair and my face, I'm ashamed that I'm such a disgrace

I Am Me

I’m ashamed of my hair and my face I’m ashamed that I’m such a disgrace

Why was I born like this, so ugly and hated? Why was I like this when I was created?

Why do people hate me no matter what I say? Why do people see me this way?

I’m ashamed of my body that I can’t seem to change I’m ashamed that I can’t control my sadness or rage

Why can’t I make people be proud of me? Why do I get hate from my family?

But it’s ok if I’m not the prettiest It’s ok if I’m not the best

It’s ok if not everyone likes me It’s ok if I’m not like everybody

It’s ok if people don’t like what I say or do I’m going to live for me, not for you

My body is mine, even if I hate it I can’t give up now; I can’t quit

It’s ok if others aren’t proud So right now I’ll say it aloud:


I Am

I Am Me

And there’s nothing you can do to change that

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