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Here are the entries for the 6 Word Memoir Challenge... please read them and vote for your favorite in the comments! <3

6 Word Memoirs

In this post are the 6 word memoirs I received for the challenge I proposed. I have posted them anonymously so there will be no bias when voting. Please submit the number of your vote in the comments. The winner will be announced on Monday, March 4, sometime after 3:00 pm Eastern Standard time.

Thank you to everyone who participated... it really means a lot to me. So, without further ado, here are the memoirs I received!

1) “Father to a Daughter never born”

2) “I cry because I love you”

3) "'I love...' Before her Met casualty"

4) "Cuts took me, Suicide I survived…"

5) "Born from love, Lived with love, Died of love."

6) "My baby, not lived, not alone."

7) "Order: Peace. Delivery: Narcotics. Price:Esse"

8) "Each scar has its own story!!!"

9) "And she smiled through the pain"

10) "Black eyes. Distant heart. Dark soul."

11) "Our smiles were tears; never shed."

Please remember to vote in the comments! Just include the number of your favorite one, and I'll announce the winners on Monday.... And yes, if you participated, you can vote for yourself xD Thank you all! <3

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