Your Love Cant Be Measured
              Your Love Cant Be
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Don't read unless you are at least 14 years old!!

Or read at your own risk πŸ˜‚

Your Love Cant Be Measured

The way I love you, I can’t deny it. This love is true, And I must admit.

The way you pleasure me. Your dirty acts. Do you know what you do to me? How my body reacts?

My back arches, Pulling you in. Your kingly kisses, Leave trails on my skin.

Trails of desire, Trails of devotion. Trails of fire, And trails of emotion.

I bite your lip, And explore your mouth. Heartbeats skip, And your hands move South.

Moving down, Down below, Beneath my gown, Starting slow.

Then getting fast. Making my legs shake. Please make it last. Ease the ache.

Unspeakable things, You do to me. My body sings, Begging you for mercy.

I reach new heights, A new kind of pleasure. The first of many nights, Love I can’t measure.

Ok sorry, I felt like doing sexy romance. Hahahah. Sorry to the younger readers. But I hope the older ones enjoy it. πŸ€­πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

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