Smile for Myself
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hannathecreator change the world, not for the world
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I love myself and here are some things that make me happy!

Smile for Myself

It is not what people think, or what people say, but the things I enjoy, that make me happy.

It is the color teal, my comfy bed, and my favorite meal.

It is the art I make, the time I spend, and the pride I take.

It's the sound of the phone ringing, a friend calling, and my awful singing.

It's my funny brother, playful dogs, and crazy mother.

It's the fishing pole in my hand, the thrill of a big catch, and my feet in the sand.

It's the way I look, my favorite shirt, and my favorite book.

It's others' smiles, eating pasta, and running miles.

These are a few things that make me smile. But I haven't smiled for myself in a while.

I'm working on myself, and being happy for myself, not just trying to make everyone happy.

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