I'm Human
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I'm Human

Dear homophobes,

I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community, But you have no right to treat me differently, I'm ✨Human✨

I am not defined by what you think, Or what you say. No matter who I love, Or how I show my love, I’m still ✨Human✨

It is not the way I walk, Or the way I talk, Not by the clothes I wear, Or how I have my hair, We’re all still ✨Human✨

I hear your whispers, Burning like blisters, I see your disapproving glances, At my personal romances. Don’t stare at me, Nor glare at me. Treat me like a ✨Human✨

Do you have feelings? Well I do too. The words you say hurt me, Sticking like glue. My attraction is not my choice, So hear my voice! I AM A ✨Human✨

Yes you heard us...

Yes you heard us... WE

Yes you heard us... WE ARE

Yes you heard us... WE ARE ✨Human✨

A collaboration by: @theecollin @hannathecreator.

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