I Can't Write Right.
I Can't Write Right. writing stories

hannahvlaurel 19. Writes, photographs, draws.
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A poem about how sometimes you just feel you lack the will to write with impact.

I Can't Write Right.

Sometimes I can't write,

my mind's being deceived.

Not sure if it's right,

don't know what to believe.

A blank piece of paper

stares intently back at me.

I can't even bother

to write meaningfully.

It's as if every inch

of creativity has been taken.

Maybe I just need a pinch,

or  a life-changing awaken.

Take me back

to those days,

when I don't lack

the words to say.

A few drops of inspiration,

something to set the mood.

Using my imagination,

to write something good.

Perhaps, my talent is missing.

But, I can't seem to discern why.

I used to long for writing,

letting every word go by.

I am thirsty to create anything

that will leave your literary soul

hanging, banging, jumping, craving.

Will I achieve my goal?

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