It's been a heck of a year..
Top 5 Lessons Learned in 2015 stories

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It's been a busy 365 days, and a lot has happened. What have you learned in the past year?

It's been a heck of a year..

Could it have gone any faster?

And a lot has happened in 365 days

I changed my hair color like 6 times!

But I've learned a lot..

Not nearly as much as a I should have.

Like to not always talk first

Sometimes waiting for another person to speak reveals more than you could imagine.

And to form lasting relationships with coworkers

Evan from IT? Yeah, he's pretty hilarious - who would have thought?

To always find time for the things that matter

Because if you don't, you'll likely be miserable.

And to thank everyone

You might take the accounting team for granted - but somebody has to get those expense reports out the door.

But the number one thing I've learned..

That encompasses all the rest..

Is to be grateful.

For everyday. For you.

So take time out of your busy holiday season

Find a space that isn't taken up by a family member..

And be grateful.

Happy holidays!

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