Celebrate the Little Things

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As we continue to app-up our life - we're finding more ways to turn the mundane into the magical.

Celebrate the Little Things

A commentary on Asana's new unicorn.

You wake up, check email and start your day

You prioritize your day - from most important thing... to least important thing.

You check things off as you do them

Either in your mind, or in an organizational tool, like Asana.

Doesn't it feel good to check things off?

Sometimes I just write a little box that says "write to do list" just so I have something to check off.

Enter in: the unicorn.

Asana - the organizational tool I mentioned earlier - has a unicorn that races across the screen after every couple of completed tasks.

It's the next level of that feel-good feeling.

Not only do you get the satisfaction of checking a box off - but a mystical unicorn prances across your screen to let you know how amazing you are!

Enter in: the gamification of the everyday.

When I see a unicorn cantor across the screen every couple of tasks - I naturally want to complete more tasks so I can keep seeing it.

It's a competition against yourself.

I start asking myself: How efficient can I be? How many times can I see the unicorn today?

Turning the mundane into the magical.

Asana is brilliant - they took a task that I would have to do anyway, and made me want to complete it faster - they gave me something to aim for.

What's your favorite gamification tool?

Over to you- what type of tool do you use to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary? Answer in the comments!

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a year agoReply
@sydney Evernote is pretty cool - although I feel like there's a large learning curve there. I really only use it to take notes because I don't really want to take the time to learn the rest of the functionality.

a year agoReply
@sue Sounds like we think alike! And yeah - sometimes I feel like I'm overwhelmed with tasks and it sometimes makes me anxious when I see the due date go to 'yesterday'. But it's worth it to see all of my tasks laid out because I feel like I would be more anxious if I didn't know when everything was do and didn't have that type of organization.

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
I've been using evernote just to keep myself organized. it does indeed feel good when u check something off!!!

sueBronze Commai'm strong
a year agoReply
I personally make a list in my notebook every day! Asana has so many tools! Do you ever feel it is too much?